Tough times cleaning windows

Well not every day is smooth sailing for A.B. Window Cleaning. Take today for instance. It started off alright. I was running about 10 minutes late getting to the shop waiting for my towels to dry. I get there and my service technician was there already. He had the truck ready to go and all needed to do was load a few towels in the toolbox and we were off and running.

About half way down the freeway to the first house for the day we noticed drops on the windshield. RAIN! Where was this coming from? Couldn’t believe it. Well it stopped a few minutes later but we should have taken that as a sign to turn around. 5 minutes later my service tech say the engine light just went on. I look over and its the tire pressure light. I look out my rearview mirror and the tire seems ok. I ask the service tech how the truck feels and he says fine. Ok, we’re good to go. We pull up to the house on time and as I get out I hear a hissing noise. That same tire that looked fine out the rear view mirror is now on its way to being flatter than a pancake. Great! As I’m ringing the doorbell to let the customer know we’re here my service tech is underneath. the truck dropping the spare tire. How does that look for a first impression? As I’m explaining our travel miseries our customer mentions how she didn’t think we were showing up because of the rain. I assure her she has nothing to worry about. We have a 30 day rain guarantee. She seems somewhat eased but I can sense a bit of reluctance. Well just wait till she sees that we really will follow up if it rains. That will really give her the chance to see we really put our money where our mouth is.

As I return to help fix the flat I notice some dark clouds off in the distance. That’s it. We offer to reschedule the appointment and we can see the customer’s relief. Turns out that’s what she really wanted but was too afraid to inconvenience us. Making our customers happy is never an inconvenience to us. We reschedule and stop by a gas station to put some air in the spare. I call the second customer to reschedule and she is happy to do it as well. On the way home we stop by a couple of commercial accounts that can be done whether or not it rains. After that we head back home to try again another day.

Lessons learned. Being a successful business owner not only requires being flexible but being able to think on your feet. After a rough start to the day and a couple of curve balls being thrown at me I ended with two happy customers and actually ended up getting a little work done. And by the way, new tires aren’t cheap!

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