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When clean windows just aren’t enough!

A.B. Window Cleaning offers a full spectrum of pressure washing services for both residential and commercial clients. Our power washing equipment is comprised of heavy duty, industrial grade pressure washers and rigging with the capabilities to handle any job, big or small. If it can get wet, we can clean it and make it look like new again.



Power washing can remove years of dirt accumulation, oils and grease, environmental pollutants, mildew, and algae from a multitude of surfaces. Not all surfaces are cleaned in the same manner though. Power washing is a technical proficiency. A.B.. Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing is highly skilled and trained in proper equipment use and knowledgeable in multiple cleaning applications. Too often power washing operators rely purely on high pressure, or PSI, when cleaning. This is due to lack of knowledge and inadequate equipment, and has the potential result of detrimental damage to the item being washed. By employing the appropriate detergents and cleaners, and the sheer volume of water produced by our equipment, we can get superior results with much lower pressure. We utilize high pressure where demanded, and low to moderate pressure for more delicate surfaces.

Driveways, patios, perimeter walkways, back patio areas and other hard scape surfaces are all subject to heavy soiling and staining. As ground level surfaces these areas get the brunt of it anyways, but add in heavy foot traffic, car tires and an occasional oil leak or a BBQ spill, and wet areas subject to algae growth and you have some of the dirtiest, unsightly areas on your property. These substances build up over time and discolor the masonry. Our customers are often surprised just how discolored these areas are – it is not completely evident until we have cleaned the surface. A hose can remove loose superficial dirt but deep cleaning wit the right detergents and high pressure is required to remove the soils and stains, and restore the surface. We have specialized equipment just for cleaning driveways, walks and other hard surface ground areas of your home. Concrete, brick work, flagstone, and other types of stone are all masonry surfaces that we can clean.