What is a water fed pole?

Times sure have changed since the days of ladders and squeegees in the window cleaning world. For the longest time in order to reach a second story or above window you got out the ladder, grabbed a squeegee and went to work.  Nowadays,technology has made the life of the average Temecula window cleaner much easier.

Water fed poles have been around for about 20 years but back then they were expensive, heavy, and very cumbersome.  Now they are relatively inexpensive, made out of much lighter material and are easier to use.

So what is a water fed pole? A water fed pole is a long telescoping pole, usually made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber. The great benefit to the new materials being used is that poles can telescope up to 60 feet in the air and be very effective.  Imagine that.  Being able to clean a window 5 stories high with 2 feet on the ground!  At the end of the pole is a small brush, usually about 12 to 18 inches wide.  It looks a lot like an upside down push broom.  Inside the pole runs a skinny tube.  The tube connects to the brush at the end of the pole.  The brush has a tube attached to each end and they attach to the main tube running up the pole.  The tubes on the brush connect to small water jets that shoot water through the brush.

Back at the other end of the pole the tube is connect to a small diameter hose.  Usually about 200 to 300 feet of it.  That hose is connect to a de-ionized filter.  At the other end of the filter a garden hose is connected for the main water supply.

Now that we have the configuration figured out, how does it work?  Once the water is turned on, it runs through the garden hose to the filter.  Once it passes through the filter it come out de-ionized.  That’s just a 50 cent word for spot free.  The water comes out pure, all impurities removed so when it evaporates on glass it wont spot.  Once out of the filter it runs through the small diameter hose to the tube that runs up the pole.  Once up the pole it shoots out the brush through the small jets and on to the glass.

That, in a nutshell is a a water fed pole.  How do  you use one?  That will be answered soon!


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