Why do my windows look foggy?

Have you ever noticed a milky white haze on your windows? Even after they’ve been cleaned?  Do they look something like this?  This is what’s called a failed IG  (Insulated Glass) unit in the glass industry.  Here’s another thing.  I’l bet if you have one of these it’s either an east facing or west facing window.  This is what happened.  When your double pane window was manufactured, during the assembly process they used a rubber seal all around the glass as they vacuumed out any air or moisture.  Leaving a pristine environment in between the 2 panes of glass.  What happens is the morning sun or afternoon sun (hence the east facing or west facing) dries out the rubber seal over time.  When the rubber seal dries out cracks form.  In the process the cracks allow moisture to enter that pristine environment.  So moisture will begin to condense in between the 2 panes of glass resulting in the picture here on this page.  Since this moisture is in between the 2 panes there isn’t a way for your window cleaner to get it out.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is most reputable window manufacturers such as Milgard offer excellent warranties up to and including replacement at no charge.  So even though your window cleaner is pretty close to a miracle worker even he or she wont be able to do much about a failed IG unit.  So contact your window manufacturer, explain your situation and they may be able to work that miracle and replace your fogytemecula window fail

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